About My Blog
I created The Book Buffet in 2010. I chose that name because doesn't the word 'buffet' mean a lot of food? So to me, the name of my blog The Book Buffet means a lot of books. I think the name I chose for my blog is a good name, it makes sense to me. I have created The Book Buffet because I love to read, and because I want to share my opinions of the books I read with other people. But not just the big, popular books everyone knows about. I also want to shine the light on smaller titles that aren't well known, the hidden gems.

About Me
 I'm Amber, a teenager. I love reading young adult literature, but sometimes I enjoy reading middle-school level books. I just don't stick to one kind of genre. I like  to switch it up. For example, I enjoy reading  paranormal books, fantasy books, and books about friendship, family and love.